10 reasons to buy
According to some reviewers, the Nike LeBron 16’s rubber outsole is super hard and quite thick. They assert that these basketball shoes are OK to use outdoors.
The cushioning feels super nice, nearly all testers declare. It provides a well-balanced ride that all types of players will enjoy.
These LeBron James basketball shoes feel amazing on foot, many wearers exclaim.
Almost all reviewers are impressed at the Battleknit 2.0. It’s the way Flyknit should be - soft, flexible, strong, and supportive.
Several reviewers are happy that these LeBron basketball shoes are easy to put on.
A few testers note that the LeBron 16 fits like the Nike LeBron 15.
Most owners report that these Nike LeBron shoes are straight up fire. They are claiming that it is one of the best looking LeBrons to date.
These LeBron James shoes are more stable than the previous version, most players note.
Nearly all testers agree that the Nike LeBron 16 has beastly traction. They say that it holds up really well despite the court condition.
Most reviewers are satisfied with the overall support, stability, lockdown, and containment the LeBron 16 provides.